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My crocuses are up today. They weren't up yesterday--and even today it's only the yellows, not the purples--but there they are, the first of the spring flowers. I automatically glanced over at the rosebushes, the leaves aren't even budding yet, as they shouldn't be, but somehow I had to look.

Some years I'm already thinking about planting something, this year I'm not. Well, maybe grapes--I've had it in mind to see if I can get some grapes going, although I'm not sure where to put them. Something hardy. Something that, in a few years, I can use to make a sweet red wine :).

I've been trying to write something about Beltane, for the local pagan newsletter. (Someone suggested writing something about how to dance the Maypole, since we've certainly had plenty of experience of the trial-and-error sort, and I did, and it's either too long or too short depending on where I want to put it...) Drawing a blank. Well, actually, that's not quite true--I am drawing a blank on things I want to include, which is Beltane activities--you know, Maypole dancing, bonfire jumping, screwing in the woods... (Not that we can depend on warm enough temps here for that last one...) I don't know--I'm thinking of going into broad themes, the fertility aspect. Maybe a brief discussion of how different pagan faiths might celebrate the holiday? I'm having more trouble than anticipated "writing eclectic," you know? :) But I have some time before it needs to be done, one of the pluses of a very small press run :).


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