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Our Midsummer was yesterday, a bit late but as still as summery as we seem likely to get this year (it seems to be a cool one overall). We went to a local park, planning to have the whole day out on the beach, but it was a bit chilly there with the wind by the lake, so we decided to stay in the park itself (definitely something to keep in mind for future years regardless of the weather!).

The beach is artificial, and getting anywhere involves walking through stamp sand--and stamp sand is rather larger than normal sand, and such a joy to have in your shoes! Slow going when you're trying to take a five-year-old through it and back up the hill to the park to use the restroom, so it was nice not to have to do that.

The cooler weather did keep folks away, and there was no one on the beach when we went down to do the blot (not that anyone could have heard us over the wind), which was simple--one horn to Sunna, one to all the gods, during which we went in turn to hail them. At the end Dan remembered Aegir, and possibly it's a bit odd to think of Aegir when you are next to a lake, but then again it is Lake Superior. (He is more interested in Aegir's brewing aspect in any case. :))

And we sat around a fire, ate and talked, for many hours. We had a small sumbel later in the evening, nothing even remotely formal. Stayed until after dark, which made cleaning up interesting. :(

And we finished the evening by heading out to the bar for an hour or so of dancing before they closed, which we are almost never able to do, and it was fun.


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