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That pagan 5-questions thing

...which you can find here.

Do you feel those with pagan beliefs should attempt to take more of a political stand?

I think it's important for us all to be aware of what's going on politically, and to vote if we can. I don't think it is incumbent on us all to become activists, although certainly this is one option. I also don't think that this is particularly a pagan issue, apart from it probably being a good idea for pagans to be aware of issues that will affect us. Really, though, everyone should take at least somewhat of an interest in politics--not doing so is the equivalent of not checking the weather and then being surprised when you're out in a blizzard in a T-shirt and jeans.

Is paganism openly accepted where you are from?

I'm in a small-town, rural sort of area, so paganism is not particularly accepted, nor particularly known. There's a significant fundamentalist population, and they do get out every so often and picket Planned Parenthood or some other thing they find objectionable, but they aren't the majority and they really aren't as bad as they are some places. I'm not secretive, but I also don't volunteer much information in most circumstances.

Given your beliefs, what's one thing that a political figure could promise to you about your path, that would convince you to vote for them?

You mean if I knew for sure they'd keep the promise? :) Actually, there isn't anything--why would I want special promises made about my faith? Now, a statement that the candidate will treat all religions equally, that might get my attention--and certainly an awareness of the existence of alternative faiths would be nice--but I generally think that it's best if politicians keep out of religion as much as possible.

Thanks to carolynkorone for pointing this one out.

Now I'm reading the archives at the site. Some of the questions they ask are kind of hard for someone who isn't mainstream-neopagan to answer but others are pretty good.



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