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Midsummer prayers

These are the prayers I prepared for Midsummer (early for once!). There are quite a few, so

Hail to Odin, Allfather, breath-giver,
seeker of wisdom, seizer of knowledge,
a gift for a gift, value for value,
pain for insight, all you know well.
The sons and daughters of ash and elm
call to you, wise one of many names.
We give you thanks for our own might,
we give you thanks for the gift of will,
for choices offered, for the long view taken.
Hail to Odin! Hail the wanderer!

Hail to Frigga, wise and knowing goddess,
great lady of Asgard, mistress of Fensalir,
whose guiding hand pulls order from chaos,
whose keen eye sees the patterns of existence,
whose presence makes our footing firm.
Beloved Frigga, fair one, judicious one,
wary and watchful, perceptive and aware,
guardian of children, defender of family,
holder of harmony, heart of the home,
we thank you for your blessings. Hail Frigga!

Hail to red Thor, champion of Asgard,
wielder of Mjolnir, slayer of giants,
defender against the foes of order.
For bringing the rains, for warding the worlds,
for preserving the bounds, we thank you.
Thor, friend of man, defender of travelers,
son of crafty Odin and life-giving Jord,
husband of Sif of the golden hair,
father of those who will endure the end,
we honor you and all your deeds. Hail Thor!

Hail to Sif, shining light of fair Asgard,
whose soft voice speaks words of wisdom and might,
whose gentle touch guides subtly but firmly,
whose hair of true gold shines like the sun.
Incomparable Sif, bride of red Thor,
whose hands hold the heart of the thunderer,
mother of children both comely and strong,
compassionate goddess, who holds each child
within her arms, who shows us the substance
within our souls. Hail Sif, steadfast goddess!

Hail to fair Frey, lord of verdant Alfheim;
son of noble Njord, most mighty of Vans;
suitor, then husband, of the peerless Gerd,
for whom your passion, headstrong and abiding,
drove from you all sense--your love for the maid
transcended reason, transcended duty,
as the call of life transcends the fear of death.
Holder of the seed, digger in the dirt,
god whose might draws each green shoot from the soil
and sparks desire in man and beast--Hail Frey!

Hail to bright Freyja, hail the Vanadis,
hail, goddess whose wisdom, might and agile wit
work wonders in the worlds. Hail Freyja,
whose steady hand makes sure the most headstrong
of beasts, whose radiance and grace make silent
the most eloquent of men. Hail Freyja,
whose voice we hear in the words of lovers,
whose heartbeat we feel in the throes of desire.
Freyja, shining Freyja, amber-teared goddess
who of love and pain knows all. Hail Freyja!

Hail to UllR, hail the god of the hunt!
Hail UllR, whose aim is ever true,
whose arm is strong, whose eye is keen,
whose step is sure in deep-drifted snow
or on treacherous ice, who roams the woods,
who knows each tree, each nest, each hiding place,
who knows the ways of every beast. UllR,
son of bright-haired Sif, bowman unsurpassed,
unyielding one who travels, free and fleet,
through winter's rage. Hail UllR! Hail the bow-god!

Hail Skadhi, keen-witted daughter of Thiazi!
Steel-eyed goddess, fair-browed etin-bride,
bow-woman who strikes swiftly, surely,
with power and precision. Mountain-woman,
friend of wolves, whose distant howls bring comfort
and solace, who joined with the Aesir
not from need but from desire, for always
could bright Skadhi stand alone and prevail.
Peerless woman, strong of bow-arm, swift of shaft,
of worth and honor you know much. Hail Skadhi!

Hail to Njord, elder Van who came to Asgard
long ago, when blood lay warm on the field
of battle, when As and Van matched might and wit,
each finding in the foe an equal and a friend.
Njord, bringer of peace, giver of wealth,
ally of merchants, fair-footed sea-god,
distant love of shining Skadhi, a match
unsuited, a heart held ever close;
Njord, who we know as we walk on the shore,
standing at once in sand and sea. Hail Njord!

Hail to Nerthus, ancient and wondrous,
hidden goddess who holds her secrets close,
peace-bringing goddess whose presence forbids
quarrels and conflicts, and all devices
of war. Deep-rooted Nerthus, Vanic mother,
of your shroud and wain we know little;
of your hand in the world we see much,
but our grasp of your might is feeble.
Hail to Nerthus, who knows of seed and soil,
who sees beneath all cloaks and masks. Hail Nerthus!

Hail to one-armed Tyr, just one, noble one.
Hail Tyr, whose oldest tales remain untold;
hail Tyr, whose deepest roots remain undug.
A friend to the wolf you once were, O Tyr;
when called to serve both honor and need,
you chose the path of pain and loss, your hand
was taken--your word you kept. Tyr, who we
call on for justice, whose gifts are given
with an even hand, who knows which man
bears guilt and which is honest. Hail to Tyr!

Hail to bright Heimdall, keen-eyed watcher
over Bifrost, bearer of the Gjallarhorn,
keeper of the gate, holder of the bridge,
first defender of peerless Asgard.
Heimdall, who hears the leaves fall from the trees
and the blades of grass pierce the rich soil,
honored father of men, shaper of mankind,
giver of magic, teacher of rune-craft,
fair-faced As, child of the nine mothers,
elder god, ancient one. Hail to Heimdall!

Hail to Forseti, son of bright Balder
and kind-hearted Nanna, master of Glitnir,
wise one whose level head and even hand
bring peace to those driven by quarrels
and feuds, whose certain sense of the just
and the fair resolves all disputes.
Yours is the best of courts, Forseti,
god of the pure spring, god of the swift tongue,
sense-speaking god who brought the law to men,
strife-stiller, frith-bringer. Hail Forseti!

Hail to Bragi, wise one, long-bearded one,
word-weaver, tale-spinner, best of bards,
most skillful of skalds. Bragi, learned one,
rune-tongued master of stories and songs,
a merry tale can you tell in a trice,
or one to bring quick tears to all eyes.
With sweetened words you make welcome the guest,
with nimble wit you shift the minds of men.
Bragi, whose spark we seek, whose fire we crave,
whose touch we know but rarely. Hail Bragi!

Hail to Idunna, bright bloom of Asgard,
beloved wife of long-bearded Bragi,
watchful guardian of the sweet apples
of youth and vigor. Fair Idunna,
stolen by greedy Thiazi you were,
but by Loki's wit and Freyja's cloak
you were returned, holding close the treasured fruit.
Idunna, who knows when to speak in company
and when to keep silent, whose lightest touch
cheers the heart and lightens the step. Hail Idunna!

Hail to Balder, Odin-son, best and brightest,
much-loved god whose fair fame and good repute
only reflect a kind heart, a true mettle,
an honor unblemished, a worth unsurpassed.
Master of Breidablik, most splended of halls;
son of fair Frigga, husband of Nanna.
In dreams you saw your end and the worlds';
brave Balder, honored guest in Helheim's depths,
patiently you wait for the far-away day
of your return, of the worlds' rebirth. Hail Balder!

Hail to fair Nanna, daughter of Nepr,
wife of bright Balder, devoted and true,
mother of silken-tongued Forseti.
Might-giving goddess, intrepid and bold,
fearless and faithful, you followed your love
on his most daunting journey, to share
his fate and his life, wherever they lead,
to burn with him on the crested sea,
to dwell with him in the halls of Hella,
to rise with him at the end of all things.

Hail to merry Aegir, best of brewers
whose ale and mead flows ever freely,
whose open hand and hearty good cheer
make welcome the guest and the traveler.
In your gold-lit hall the gods take their ease,
as the fine ale pours itself into each horn.
Aegir, the dark depths of the sea are yours,
and the wild waves frothing far above,
your nine fair daughters, each a treasure,
each a sailor's dream. Hail to Aegir!

Hail to Ran, fair bride of noble Aegir,
who holds the keys to the finest of halls,
who guides the drowned man to his final rest,
with a seat by the hearth and a horn of good ale,
to feast and tell tales far beneath the storm.
Ran, whose well-knotted net is ever ready,
whose nine daughters roam the oceans at will,
stirrer of seas, stealer of souls,
in the rush of waves we hear your voice,
in the sharp salt spray we feel your touch.


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May. 24th, 2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
Oh, so wonderful!

Now, if only I could come up with a good poem for Gefion....

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