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Today is a writing day, I can always tell, so I'm working on prayers for Winter Finding.

Oh, and since I totally forgot to post the prayers for August's Vanir Blot, here they are...

Hail Frey, lord of the fields we sow and reap,
lord of the beasts whose lives sustain our own,
lord of the light-elves, of the green meads
and wildwoods of Alfheim, yours as a tooth-gift.
We thank you for the gifts of the earth,
who cares for us as we care for her.
We thank you for the needs of the body,
the cravings that drive us ever toward life.
Hail to Frey, granter of good, fair-faced Van
whose hand we see in the growing world.

Hail Freyja, peerless goddess, honey-tongued one
whose persuasion and guile can charm all the world,
fair one whose soft voice hides an iron will
and a resolute heart. Freyja, whose hold
on the souls of men is firm, whose might
and wit are unrivaled in all of Asgard,
who knows the heat of desire and the chill
of love lost, we thank you for the sweetest
moments of life, for the passions that bring us
out of ourselves and into the divine.

Hail to Njord, fair-footed lord of Noatun,
god of the seacoasts, of well-traveled paths
and of routes uncharted, of journeys unknown,
of merchants and traders, farmers and fishers,
of the wealth of the world in land and in gold.
Njord, who sees what is through Vanic eyes,
who we find where the sand meets the sea,
who carries the might of soil and stone,
whose good humor and openhandedness
are unmatched in all the worlds. Hail to Njord!

Hail to Nerthus, deep-rooted goddess,
heart of the Vanir, soul of the earth,
center and source of our existence.
Straight and true your wagon fared, Nerthus,
drawn by kind-eyed cows, veiled in fine cloth,
served by doomed men, your secrets still unknown.
Nerthus, ancient one, knowing one, mother of gods,
within the blood and bone of old Ymir
you dwell, from icy peaks to fiery depths.
Field and furrow, seed and soil, all are yours.


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