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I'm starting work on a heathen cross-stitch sampler, which means I'm kind of cobbling it together from existing patterns, small motifs that are relatively easy to work out, rune patterns I found online, and Havamal verses scaled to fit the space alloted. I haven't got it all planned out yet, it's a bar sampler (no borders) so I'll be improvising a bit as I go along.

I'm working on 32-count linen, and using my strongest magnifier (3X) to do it. (It works wonderfully and I'm now all enthused about other close work I'll now be able to do again wearing them. Although if I go any smaller than 32 count, I'm going to have to look for stronger maqnifiers.)

I've also been considering the issue of Habondia and Fulla. The internet seems to think that Habondia is "descended from a Germanic goddess of the earth," with no indication of why it thinks that. The name Habondia is also thought by some to derive from the Roman Abundantia, which makes a certain amount of sense given the Roman habit of identifying local gods with their own, to a greater or lesser extent. So "Habondia" could be not a Romanized form of a goddess's name, but rather be a Germanized form of "Abundantia." In which case there seems little point in investigating an etymology for Habondia beyond that, and the unanswered question would be: what was the name of this goddess before she was named Habondia? In any case, apart from Grimm (thanks to [profile] hagazusa for pointing me in that direction) I'm not seeing, well, anything to speak of about her. Which inclines me toward the Habondia/Fulla/Volla connection.

Hot again, glad we had temps in the 70s for SHG, not real happy about having the 80s now, but will live with it obviously. I am not a warm-weather person. Then again I don't like freezing either. Maybe I'm just kind of a weather wuss.


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