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Just curious

As a polytheist, I feel that the gods are separate entities. I'm not a hardass about it--I recognize that this is my own perception of deity, and I'm not so invested in the notion that other concepts offend me. I recognize that I could be wrong. But polytheism is the way of things that makes sense to me, and it's an essentially human characteristic to search for meaning, so there you go.

So while I'm not of the school that says every variation on a god-name indicates a different god, and while I do feel that, for example, Thor and Thunor are the same guy (although he may respond a little differently depending on what you call him), on the whole I am a separator, not a merger, in my theology.

I do have a sense that gods of different pantheons are generally the same sort of being, whatever that may be.

The same goes for other entities. Nature spirits are nature spirits regardless of what they are called. They may manifest differently in different regions (apparently the ones in Greece were more likely to establish a female presence than those in some other regions), and they may be accustomed to different practices, but a nymph isn't all that different from a Germanic landwight.

House spirits seem also to have similarities, although I suspect they tend to travel more than nature spirits do and may expect different things.

And certainly ancestral spirits are ancestral spirits--although they too may be accustomed to different ways of recognition.

So, curiosity--I know a number of households in which more than one pagan/heathen faith is practiced. While the different individuals likely honor their different pantheons of gods as appropriate, whether separately or not, what about household spirits, which are common to the household as a whole? Does the housewight get oatmeal with a pat of butter from the heathen, and honey cakes and wine from the Roman? (I suppose that's not really a problem for the housewight. :)) Or does the household usually find some sort of common ground to make offerings to these commonly-held entities?



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Aug. 28th, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
Your beliefs are pretty much the same as mine. I couldn't have said it better myself. I can't answer your question, since I live alone, but I will say that I don't honour the agathos daimon as much as I should... and am ashamed to say that I don't really know too much about them. I'd imagine that it's best to see what a deity/entity/spirit likes and go with that. Some may accept offerings from more than one religion, some may want things from only one faith and some may want something entirely unique from you. I think that it's mostly a process of trial and error.
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