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Day 21

Day 21 - One of your favorite shows

Well, my all-time favorite show, insofar as I don't ever seem to get tired of it, is Law and Order Classic. I also enjoy the Criminal Intent version but I don't want to watch marathons of it, and I got tired of SVU fairly early on. (I'm pretty sure it's that SVU and CI both tend to have more focus on the characters' personal lives, whereas the original is mostly plot but with just enough character stuff to keep you interested.)

But the show I find I most look forward to now every week is the US version of Being Human. This surprises me somewhat, as I really liked the British version and generally Brit shows don't translate all that well. But there are so many significant differences, in character and in storyline, that it really is like watching a different show.

Oh, and I definitely prefer Season 1 of the US version to the current Season 3 of the British version. Yeesh.

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