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30 Days of Paganism, Day 3, Deities

3. Beliefs - Deities

I'm a hard polytheist. Generally speaking I think that if a deity has manifested in a particular way, there's a reason for it, and as far as I'm concerned in my practice, that reason is that s/he is that individual deity. Note that I'm not saying that I know that this is so--I'm fairly headblind so don't take my word on that--just that it works for me and it makes sense to me.

There are two pantheons of gods I honor. The Greeks came to me first. (Well, Aphrodite came first, but polytheism is like an avalanche, a bit of snow to start and pretty soon you're buried up to your neck. In fact Aphrodite is why I am a hard polytheist.) And the Greeks are pretty close-knit. You don't have to be besties with the whole family, but please be civil, offer a libation when they drop in, that sort of thing.

Then there are the heathen gods. Started as a friend-of-a-friend thing I think, but that's how you meet new friends, right? I feel quite a bit more comfortable with the Vans and their energy, personally, but here there is a strong community bond as well, I have many rl co-religionists. Initially there was more of an element of choice here. They're pretty clear on what they want from me, which is nice, and they're fairly direct, which is also nice. :) (Incidentally I'm not folkish. I think it's great for those who are but it's not the sort of connection I myself make.)

I'll also say that I don't really get how people can equate gods of one pantheon with gods of another, because in my own experience they're not much alike. But that's why I'm a hard polytheist, right?

30 Days of Paganism
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