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5. Beliefs - Magic, spellcraft, mysticism etc.

My religious practice is, on the whole, almost entirely devotional. I've done magic in the past, in my pre-polytheist days (folk magic, not energy work) and my experience is that it pretty much always works, but that usually there are more direct routes to accomplishing what I want. It's a toolbox that's I know is there, even if I don't open it. I'm not necessarily saying "never again" but right now it's not something that interests me. And hasn't in, what, ten years?

I'm also uninterested in heathen mystical practice--I think it's great that people do it, but I'm not going to be among them. (If you're tone-deaf, you probably shouldn't join an orchestra.)

I'm also not much of a mystic. It's not something I have any objection to, just something that's not at all a strength. I'm fairly well headblind. Not totally, but pretty close to it.

So these aren't personally-based opinions here.

I think people should do what works best for them. If you connect best via magic, than that's what you should probably do. If you don't, look elsewhere.

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2. Beliefs – Cosmology
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5. Beliefs – Magic, spellcraft, mysticism etc
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patheon, such as tribes or nature spirits, etc.
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15. Pantheon (anti) – On finding a pantheon.
16. The meaning of terms like “earth-based” and what they mean to this path
17. My ways of worship
18. Community
19. Paganism and my family/friends
20. Paganism and my relationship
21. Other paths I’ve explored
22. Paganism and major life events
23. Ethics
24. Personal aesthetics with magic and ritual
25. Priest? Clergy? One or both? Neither?
26. Any “secular” pastimes with religious significance, and why
27. How your faith has helped you in difficult times
28. One misconception about Paganism you’d like to clear up
29. The future of Paganism
30. Places of spiritual significance


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