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Pagan Blog Project: B is for Balance

Balance is something I strive for, in my life and in my spirituality. I don't always succeed at this; I tend to focus (obsess?) on one thing to the exclusion of others, and that seems to be the best way for me to be productive. In the short run, I may not always be in balance; hopefully in the long run I am.

Mind: I have a weakness for study and scholarship. I'm not a full-blown reconstructionist by any means, but I like to be well grounded in the historical worship of my gods, regardless of how closely I adhere to it in my own practice. And I am at home with books and research, so it's easy for me to slip into student mode and stay there.

Body: I'm relatively healthy, but this is really my weak area. I'm in lousy shape, and I don't get enough exercise. This is definitely where I am most off balance.

Spirit: I pray, I write for the gods, I keep my altars, I make offerings, I hold ritual. I do what is within my capability. I do not do what is not.

So I may not be the best example of a balanced individual, but as I said I do strive for it. I recognize that it isn't an easy thing, and I recognize that I will always be imperfect in this respect. It is a process, not something to be achieved, a constant sliding back and forth of weights on the scale.


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