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Firsts and Lasts

Thanks to hekatatia!


First job: Sandwich-maker in a sub shop.
First screen name: Probably Hearthstone, I've been using it a while.
First self purchased album: David Bowie, Station to Station. (And it was an 8-track)
First funeral: Possibly my uncle but I don't really remember.
First pet: Two white mice named Pixie and Dixie.
First piercing/tattoo: I had my ears pierced at 16, no tattoos yet.
First credit card: A Visa when I was...what, 23?
First true love: True love? Dan. First and only.
First enemy: I haven't had one yet.
First big trip: Well, I wouldn't remember this because I was 2, but my dad took a job in Saudi Arabia and of course we all went with him.
First concert: The Commodores. (I was on a date. First concert of my choice was The Police.)
First musician you remember hearing in your house: No idea--something classical of my parents', I suppose.


Last big car ride: Trothmoot last summer.
Last kiss: Dan, about two and a half hours ago.
Last library book checked out: I don't know--I haven't been to the library in ages.
Last movie seen: I think it was Freaks, on late-night TV. (And that was around Halloween--gosh, I haven't watched a movie in a while!)
Last beverage drnk: Tap water.
Last food consumed: Half a cold pasty.
Last phone call: My mom.
Last TV show watched: Something on CNN, I think.
Last shoes worn: Beat-up white leather Keds with no laces because younger daughter pulled them out when she was 2 and I never replaced them (she's almost 5 now).
Last time showered: This morning.
Last cd played: We're a Happy Family, the Ramones tribute album
Last item bought: Ordered some books on Greek religion online.
Last annoyance: Finding younger daughter's stash of hidden unfinished waffles this afternoon.
Last soda drank: Decaf Pepsi.
Last ice cream eaten: Moose Tracks.
Last time scolded: Hm. I don't really get scolded.
Last shirt worn: Green T-shirt and red plaid flannel shirt
Last website visted: The ADF java chat page; I've never used it before--no one is there but at least I know it works.



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