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While at Wal-Mart (I know, I know) last night, I picked up a bin to store yarn; today I went out on the back porch where I was pretty sure I had put some yarn I'd purchased many years ago (like before I was married!), got it for some project and never made it. (Unfortunately not a thing I am unknown for. :))

Imagine my surprise to find not only several skeins of soft fuzzy yarn in magenta, bright blue and black, but a small partially-completed piece and a large piece in the same pattern. The latter is finished except for weaving in the ends. Well, I'm sure it isn't actually finished, given that I found another partial piece and given that it's a very odd size--too long for a shawl, too narrow for an afghan--but since I don't have the pattern any more I guess it's what I've got. It's very pretty, and surprisingly undamaged although some of it was gaily festooned with bits of sunflower seed--however, apparently mice don't eat acrylic or nest in it (can you blame them?) because it seems fine otherwise.

I'm not sure what to do with it. It would make a nice altar cloth for a very long altar. I wish I had a very long altar but I don't. However, it's also a lot more complicated work than I had any idea I would have been capable of at any point in my short and distant knitting career (I vaguely remember being able to purl but that's about it--so this is a nice surprise). So, barring being able to find the pattern (unlikely since I'm sure it was in one of those thin booklets you get at the yarn store), I guess I've got more yarn and a lovely but unusable piece. (Thinks of knitting altar cloths, hmmm.)


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