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Nov. 26th, 2003

Three Things Meme, taken from sophiaserpentia

3 things which scare me: confrontation, driving at night in lousy weather, the thought of anything bad happening to my kids
3 things which I don't understand: international politics, monotheism, swimsuits (what's the point?)
3 things I'd like to learn: how to crochet, how to bellydance, how to keep my temper
3 things I am wearing right now: grey sweats, tan flannel shirt, fleece-lined slippers
3 things on my desk: ibuprofen, Greek Oracles by Robert Flaceliere, a set of Justice League action figures
3 things I want to do before I die: live a long and healthy life with my husband :), be a good mom, accomplish something small but meaningful for my religion
3 good things about my personality: I'm tolerant, I have a wide range of interests, I'm generally pretty happy
3 bad things about my personality: I'm easily bored and don't always finish what I start, I'm prone to clutter, I actively avoid confrontation
3 parts of my heritage: Finnish, English, German
3 things I like about my body: hair, face, eyes
3 things I don't like about my body: nearsightedness, lack of depth perception, poor physical memory
3 things most people don't know about me: I lived in Saudi Arabia as a small child, I built a way-cool treehouse with my brother when we were kids, I'm a big fan of zombie movies
3 things I say the most: "Girls, calm down." "What do you need?" "I love you."
3 places I want to go: Greece, Iceland, Britain
3 screen names I use or have used: Hearthstone--actually, I think that's about it.



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