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Dec. 7th, 2003

Our Yule planning meeting is over, I think we are set. Brief opening mini-blot at dusk; evening blot to Frey; sumbel later; post-midnight blot to Odin; sunrise mini-blot to Sunna. It'll be fine. I can write two or three short pieces, I think, although I did not promise them this time. And hey, the big sleepover aspect is fun! This year I may try to grab a nap in there somewhere, though :).

I made an awesome cake :); I was going to make a chocolate pound cake, then decided it should have chocolate chips so I went online to find a recipe to estimate amounts from--and came across a recipe for Oreo pound cake. Right. So we've got chocolate pound cake with chocolate chips and quartered Oreos. And then, in an insane gilding-the-lily moment, I made a dark chocolate glaze for it. It was, absolutely, wonderful (if I do say so myself). People ate it. Which is good, or I'd have to do it myself, and that would be bad :).

The girls spent the last 2 days sorting out old toys to put away, and their toy storage area is no longer overflowing. With the holidays coming up, it may not stay neat for long, but at least we tried.

Am annoyed with my ISP; they recently improved their service (new servers or something) but apparently they are still working out the system, and I'm concerned about email troubles--I'm expecting at least one email that hasn't yet arrived. There have been two buyouts since we first got our account 8 or 9 years ago, and this is easily the worst the service has ever been. I need to look into other local alternatives--but I don't know, maybe this is a function of the internet being so much more popular now? Is there such a thing as an ISP with reliable service?

I'm feeling better, I think; still some coughing but I am feeling better, damn it! Almost functional again :).


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