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I can't believe...

...that I didn't wait until the last possible minute! (Well, I've got a lot of other things to do this month. :))

And they are subject to editing but at this point I'm not unhappy with them, but I am possibly done with the prayers I wanted to write for Yule.

To Odin

Hail to Odin, wandering this cold white night,
leading the fearful hunt through wild weather,
stirring storms out of clear skies, driving us
within to safety and warmth. This night above all,
we gather with family, with friends, with those
who have become both over time and trust.
On this night we take the course of wisdom,
we hold to our hearths, we shun the wilderness.
Among our kin we find comfort and strength,
among our kin we stand against the storm.
This night above all, we feel your force,
Allfather, leading that which we most fear,
holding them fast or free, as is your will.
This night above all, Odin, we praise you,
we honor you and all your host. Hail Odin!

To Frey

Hail to Frey, bestower of rich blessings,
lord of merry Yule, garlanded in green.
Joy is in you, and joy in us through you.
Frey, your gifts are many, your gifts are great:
for full bellies we thank you, harvest-god,
for children we have carried and borne,
for gold at need, for peace without weakness,
for lust and its fulfillment, for laughter,
for frith, for life's sweetest, purest moments--
for all these we thank you, kind Vanir lord.
With our happiness tonight we thank you,
Frey; with our fellowship we honor you,
with our love for each other we know you.
In all good things we see you, gentle Frey;
for all good things we thank you. Hail to Frey!

And although I wasn't planning to, I wrote something quite brief that (if folks want) we could use for the sunset and sunrise mini-blots to Sunna.


Farewell to bright-haired Sunna, friends, farewell!
With the long night's coming we turn away,
we turn toward home and hearth, toward friends, toward kin.
Together we stay til this dark night ends,
together in strength, together in safety,
'til morning comes and with it your return.
For light and warmth we thank you. Hail Sunna!


Bright Sunna we see once more, be welcome!
The long night is over, again we look
to the sky without fear, without dread,
Together we held throughout the dark night
and together now we face the new day.
Your return releases us from our fear,
brings us strength and certainty. Hail Sunna!

And yes, there is certainly the chance that when it isn't 2 in the morning I will be less pleased with them. But right now it is 2 in the morning and I am pleased with them. :)


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Dec. 10th, 2003 05:47 am (UTC)
I like them. Our Grove will be holding a Sumble soon. Mind if I steal the Odin one for it? It hits all the right subjects for us :) Proper attribution will be given, of course.
Dec. 10th, 2003 08:51 am (UTC)
Of course, please feel free!

Actually I'm really honored--I write things because my group needs them, or because I need them--discovering that someone else finds them useful is a bit of a thrill. :)
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