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From bernmarx

01. I grew up listening to 70s rock.
02. The Smurfs was not one of my favorite cartoons.
03. I like 80s hair but wouldn't have the time or inclination to wear it that way myself.
04. I don't like country music.
06. I'm haven't got a clue about computer programming.
07. Internet shorthand, used minimally, is fine - but when all the vowels turn into numbers, or words get dropped, I get annoyed.
08. I find most of the men in the adult movie industry very creepy looking.
09. I never thought River Phoenix was cute.
10. I have never been treated for schizophrenia.
11. I try not to be overly sensitive.
12. I like most music.
13. I shave the usual places, nothing fancy.
14. I know where most of my stuff is. I just can't always find it right away.
15. I have never heard of The Office on BBC America.
16. I can fall asleep in nearly any horizontal position.
17. I'm have no silver hairs as of yet. Then again I'm blonde, could I even tell?
18. I have astigmatism
19. I'll swallow just about anything once.
20. I like getting things in the mail.
21. I can't stand dishonest people.
22. My alcohols of choice are beer and sweet liqueurs.
23. Cool Yule!
24. I generally don't get very caught up in social situations.
25. I use IRC.
26. I loved Warner Brothers cartoons, but only the old ones, and especially the 1940s era.
27. Music isn't all that important to me, although I enjoy it.
28. I'm very VERY picky about who my friends are.
29. I'm not that interested in most television shows.
30. I'm happiest staying at home.
31. I've never done any drugs other than pot.
32. I've had siblings since I was four.
33. I'm not a collector of genres of things, more of just things that amuse or interest me - I'm not a completeist.
34. I like Tarentino's movies.
35. I like independent films.
36. I hate cleaning.
37. I like zombie movies.
38. I don't usually make New Year's resolutions in order to keep them--just as a self-evaluative tool.
39. I shave my legs, buy only below the knee, except for special occasions.
40. My favorite colour varies, but I like jewel tones.
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing. Even so, I'm not the type to like a present just because someone "thought" to get it for me. Unless it's from my kids.
42. I usually wait too long to decorate for the holidays because I'm a talented procrastinator.
43. I preferred books to toys as a kid. This is no longer necessarily the case :)
44. I don't like to go to restaurants.
45. This year has been a reasonably low-stress one.
46. I think stereotypes are inevitable, but decidedly unhelpful.
47. I hate adult contemporary music.
48. I like coffee shops because I love that foofy coffee--mocha latte, yum!
49. I collect nothing these days.
50. I never owned any music by Madonna.
51. I hate putting things away--dishes, clothes--but I don't mind washing them in the first place.
52. I've been to half a dozen foreign countries.
53. I tend not to enter prize draws.
54. I don't have enough shoes.
55. There are people I consider my friends whom I've never met.
56. I've had four teeth removed. (Wisdoms count, right?)
57. Cockroaches don't bother me too much. It helps that we don't really have them this far north.
58. I don't like jewelry.
59. I like when my friends write me letters, but I feel guilty because I'm horrible at writing back.
60. I'm very clueless about some things.
61. I loathe tea.
62. I love my debit card. I don't like not knowing where my money went.
63. I have never had a nosebleed.
64. I have to cook.
65. I find waterfalls beautiful.
66. I like to give gifts, but I have gift-giving anxiety.
67. In the winter, I sleep with socks on to keep warm, sometimes.
68. I wish I had a tattoo.
69. I took swimming lessons
70. I hate network TV shows.
71. I really like fantasy stuff.
72. I can keep my self entertained, and am a bit of a hermit at heart.
73. I'm online a lot.
74. I want to travel less.
75. I hate mosquitoes.
76. I have no food allergies, but there are foods I avoid.
77. I like getting flowers, just not too often.
78. My first real kiss was in college.
79. I am not really a pet person.
80. I love old oak trees with low hanging branches.
81. I like meeting new people.
82. I wear only one piece of jewelry.
83. I have smoked weed a few times in college, but it doesn't seem to affect me, so there wasn't much point.
84. I have a bachelor's degree.
85. I don't like people who are narrow-minded.
86. I buy very little music.
87. I am close to my close relatives.
88. My parents are happily married.
89. I'm not sure my name fits me.
90. I rarely sing along, even if I do know all the words.
91. I think tabloids are amusing.
92. I tolerate shopping.
93. I think people put too much stress on gender preference. People are people, regardless of their orientation.
94. Some of the closest people to me are people who I initially met online.
95. I don't like jewelry.
96. I hate when people embellish stories with non-truths.
97. I have been in several weddings.
98. I like going to small music concerts.
99. I like yellow. Just not on me.
100. I like my nose.

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.
4. Tell in your entry who you got the list from.

And bernmarx said:
"I replaced items with things that were similar, and underlined the changes."

Which sounded cool so I did too :).



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