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Beneath the surface

Change is the only constant

"Life is nothing unless you're obsessed." --John Waters

I tend to keep a lot of entries friends-only, not sure why; however, I also tend to add most folks who add me. I like to meet new people, particularly if we have something in common but that's not required.

I'm old by LJ standards, married, a stay-at-home mom with two kids. I think a lot, and I write down a small amount of what I come up with.

What I do for fun: Watch old movies. Read comic books. Talk with friends. Quilt. Try new crafts. Stay up late. Sleep late. Write when I feel like it.

What I believe: That the gods exist (I am pagan, heathen, hard polytheist). That no one really understands anyone else and we're lucky to attain a glimmer of self-understanding. That the search for order can lead us into some odd places. That you need a balance of reason and inspiration.

What I write about: Spirituality and religion: this journal started as a way to seek out and make contact with co-religionists, so it has always been heavy on the faith stuff. Everyday stuff, of the what's-going-on-now sort. Too many memes, probably, but sometimes you feel like typing, not thinking.